Banquet in an italian restaurant

As well as in Italy itself, in the restaurant Montecchi Capuleti we adore holidays!

As well as in Italy itself, in the restaurant Montecchi Capuleti we adore holidays and to celebrate them fun and relaxed!

If you want to arrange an unforgettable event, then safely choose this restaurant, because it is literally saturated with the atmosphere of warmth and fun. Not all restaurants for banquets can boast of such unique features

It is very important for Italians to please their loved ones, so the Montecchi family and the Capuleti family will carefully follow your mood and will try to make the banquet unforgettable. There is a place for an event of any format, be it a birthday, a buffet reception, a wedding, a corporate party or a children’s birthday. Our restaurant for a banquet allows you to organize an event for a different number of guests, and a summer terrace will be a good addition in the warm season.

The banquet hall of Montecchi, the Radius and the main Capuleti hall are cozy banquet halls, that will tell you the history of these well-known Italian families and about their harmonious, cheerful and, sometimes, noisy life!

Celebrating your banquet here, you will feel the real care of the Italian family and enjoy the varied dishes of traditional Italian cuisine.

Choosing the best banquet halls in Kiev for your celebration, give preference to the restaurant for the banquet Montecchi v Capuleti and you will not regret it! Delicious cuisine, affordable prices, a variety of rooms according to concept and capacity, a soulful atmosphere and cheerful staff will make your holiday better than you could imagine! And the interesting and unique interior of the restaurant will be a wonderful background for your photos. Renting a banquet hall of the Montecchi and Capuleti families is a reliable way to organize an excellent event!


Banquet hall of capuleti “radius”

The peculiarity of the Radium hall of the restaurant is its unusual shape. The hall is designed as a semicircle, which makes it very comfortable for various kinds of events. Here you can hold such events as birthdays, alumni meetings, all sorts of culinary master classes, seminars, conferences and even business meetings.

In the interior of this banquet hall there are a lot of unusual details that compel attention. This place can be “read”, deciphering riddles set by the designer. In the hall there are bright striped pillows that are combined with large dark sofas, worn suitcases – with books, and on the shelves there are motorcycle helmets and olive oil with herbs… All this riot of colors forms harmony of comfort.

Capacity – up to 70 guests

banquet hall of montecchi

The Montecchi Hall is full of light and coziness, an atmosphere of tranquility reigns here. It is decorated in light colors. Due to this, you can feel the lightness and “airiness” of space. This place is perfect for romantic dinners, meetings with family on weekends, a leisurely dinner or a late breakfast. The hall is very popular for family celebrations: birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries. Especially the organizers of children’s events and, of course, to the smallest guests themselves, like our hall. After all, in a separate room of the restaurant you can comfortably accommodate both adults and children. Also the hall has a separate entrance and a wardrobe.

A lot of details that are already familiar to us from other halls, here are played in a new way. And this stunning white lampshade from broken bits of glassware, light furniture and quality textiles – all these details form a very interesting but unobtrusive space in which both festivity and comfort are felt at the same time.

Capacity – up to 70 guests

Banquet hall of capuleti “Main”

The main hall of the restaurant Montecchi Capuleti extends a warm welcome for its guests. The main feature of this location is an open kitchen, located directly in the hall. In the open kitchen you can overwatch the process of preparing food, as well as ask cooks of the restaurant any interesting questions. The highlight of this banquet hall deservedly is the large restaurant table for a big family, which is lit by the original chandelier, assembled from bronze pots, which gives the place a special atmosphere! A lot of big companies of friends celebrate here their holidays or families have soulful gatherings.

For the youngest guests there is a children’s animation. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the main hall of the restaurant bambinaia (nanny, ital.) can take care of your children. She has a huge amount of props both for creativity and for entertainment.

Capacity – up to 60 guests


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