Business lunch

Business lunch

Every weekday at the Montecchi Capuleti restaurant you can enjoy delicious business lunches!

Italy! This country is incredibly rich in numerous traditions and ancient habits. And one of them is a siesta, during which it is customary to have a rest in the middle of the working day, it’s not for nothing that folk wisdom says: “To work well you need to have a good rest!”.

Business lunches in Kiev usually start at 12:30, but we give you the opportunity to work another half hour and come for a business lunch at the restaurant Montecchi Capuleti from 12:30 to 16:00. Yes, exactly at this time in Italy they take a break from work in order to rest and refresh themselves. And we, like a real Italian family, truly honor these ancient habits, and therefore we invite you for a delicious business siesta, after which you will meet and spend the afternoon in a good mood. This is the whole meaning of the siesta…

Every weekday in the restaurant Montecchi Capuleti will be prepared delicious business lunches for you, consisting of several dishes prepared according to the traditional recipes of Italy.

For a very democratic price you will get the first and main course, a salad and a drink of your choice. This business lunch menu cannot be boring, because it changes depending on the day of the week. For example, on Monday you will be served with a delicious salad with a baked pumpkin, Minestrone soup, and the main course is lasagna with Bolognese sauce. On Tuesday, it will be a delicious snack of baked eggplants, pea cream soup and fish ravioli. And so on until the end of the week, without repetition. As you can see, our menu is very rich and varied. Get ready. We will surprise you every working day!

Come to the Italian restaurant of Montecchi Capuleti and estimate our delicious, beautiful and affordable menu of the business lunch, because rest is all you need in the middle of the day! And we can guarantee you all the conditions for this.

We are waiting for you for a delicious business lunch in the restaurant “Montecchi v Capuleti”!