Traditional italian breakfast

Traditional italian breakfast

The restaurant Montecchi Capuleti is open for breakfast from 10:00 in the morning until 12:00

For real Italians breakfast always turns into a very important and pleasant ritual – in the mornings before work they try to come to their favorite place where they can order delicious cappuccino, eat fresh aromatic pastries, meet friends or just read a newspaper.

The hospitable Cappuleti Trattoria, which is located in Pechersk district, is open for Italian breakfast from 10:00 am until 12:00. We understand how important and useful it is to charge yourself with energy for the whole coming day, and therefore our chef prepared a special morning menu, in which you will certainly find something to please yourself. It’s nice at the beginning of the day to eat porridge with berries, freshly baked panini, etc. By the way, do you know what lovers Romeo and Juliet liked to eat for breakfast? Romeo breakfast is a vegetable fritate with Mozzarella cheese, roast beef and bruschettes with tomatoes.

And breakfast of his beloved Juliet is almost identical, but instead of meat she has smoked salmon with spinach. She is a girl and must keep her figure. If you come with your soul mate, you do not have to follow all the rules – you can swap your delicious breakfasts, we will not tell anyone.

Come to the Capuleti trattoria before the start of the working day! Here you will find the most delicious traditional Italian breakfasts, aromatic coffee and famous hospitality of the Capuleti family. And also in the trattoria you will always meet good friends in the face of our united staff.

We are waiting for you for a delicious and healthy traditional Italian breakfast every day from 10:00 in the morning!