Summer terrace

Summer terrace

"Green oasis" - the summer terrace of Montecchi v Capuleti in Pechersk district awaits you

Each day is similar to the previous one, and there is nowhere to escape from the everyday bustle and noise of the megapolis. And in this turmoil of days it’s so important to stop and breathe out for a moment, and relax! For this, as if the summer terrace of the restaurant Montecchi Capuleti was created.

Located in the very center of Kiev, namely in the immediate vicinity of the main business epicenter of the capital, the terrace of the restaurant can boast both of the coziness and the opportunity to hide from prying eyes, because it is located in a really secluded place! Such a portal into a parallel reality a real mini oasis in Pechersk district!

Here you can always hide from the scorching sun in the shade of floral abundance, wrapped up in an atmosphere of tranquility and pure peace. The waiters of the restaurant will gladly offer you new menu items and necessarily refreshing drinks, such as lemonade, fruit smoothies – speciality of the house.

It will not be superfluous to mention the new wine list of the restaurant, which we prepared specially for the opening of the summer terrace! Because we know how pleasant it is to drink a glass of white or red, or maybe sparkling wine on the summer terrace of the restaurant, enjoying pleasant music, communication and contemplation. It is checked up on itself! And the sommelier of the restaurant – Leonid so masterfully guesses “Your” drink that you will be really pleasantly surprised to learn how accurately he manages to guess your mood and feelings.

The terrace of the restaurant Montecchi Capuleti is an invigorating breath of fresh air in the very center of the megalopolis, Your energy charge, Your dose of positive emotions and as a consequence – inevitably wonderful mood! Benvenuti!